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Teaching and Learning

The aim of the College is to ensure business graduates are able to demonstrate relevant knowledge and understanding of organisations, the internal and external environments in which they operate and how they are managed.

The teaching and learning strategy focuses on the development of the essential skills needed for progress to the next level of university study (postgraduate) or to graduate employment.

At Oxford Business College, we want you to make the most of your studies. We will support you from the very beginning with a clear induction to your programme. This will inform you of what you need to know about studying with us, module tutors and personal academic tutors as well as how to access materials and of course the all-important Student Portal.

The College accepts that different individuals may have different learning styles; as such, to ensure that the students’ learning experience is of high quality, a variety of teaching and learning approaches are adopted and developed. To this extent, the College’s teaching and learning strategy can be adjusted to the needs of different individuals or groups.

Academic support during your studies

You can get academic advice, guidance and personal level support throughout your studies at OBC.

Personal Academic Tutor (PAT)

The Personal Academic Tutor (PAT) is a crucial person and a primary contact point in supporting and guiding you during your studies with the College. If you study at OBC, you will be assigned a personal academic tutor to support you during your studies. Your personal academic tutor is a member of the academic team at OBC. Your PAT will offer you a one to one academic guidance and support throughout your studies. You can discuss your Individual Learning Plan (ILP), especially your current levels of skills, learning needs, identify specific skills and goals for academic success and a bright future.

Your PAT will not only guide you in your academic progress but and support your personal and professional development.

Your PAT can help you adjust to studying at OBC and point you in the right direction to get any other academic or non-academic help you might need.
You will meet your personal academic tutor just after induction week, OBC recommends you to meet your PAT during first few weeks at OBC, then regularly throughout the academic year to help you to reflect on your academic progress and support you in achieving learning goals.


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