The Oxford Business College (OBC) is a student-led organisation at the heart of the OBC student experience. The OBCSU exists to promote the interests of the student body as well as planning social and extracurricular activities and providing support to student clubs and societies.

This union has three aims:

  1. Engaging the totality of the student body
  2. Bringing the union closer to self-sufficiency
  3. Building a social hub in college

Upon joining OBC you will automatically be enrolled in the OBCSU and able to take advantage of the benefits that this entails.

Student Union roles

OBCSU is run by eight union officers, who represent every student and their interests throughout their time at OBC. Officers are elected by their fellow students and serve a one-year term in their role. Elections are held during Michaelmas term for the following roles, each focusing on a different area of student life:


Maria Payro



Eva Bernada Haro-Harris

Welfare & Diversity


Henry Kassouny
Welfare & Diversity Officer



Tomaso Venditti & Victoria Kershaw
Societies Officers

Facilities Officer

Mateusz Halk
Facilities Officer

Media & Communications

Adrianna Nordbo & Claudia Goetz
Media & Communications Officers



John Hahn & Agne Slusarska
Events Officer

Volunteering & Fundraising

Isabelle Chauzy, Marie Therese Gumpert & Maria Saldias Olsen
Volunteering and Fundraising Officers