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Oxford Business Colleges’ Student Council is a group of students democratically elected by students of OBC.

The primary purpose of the OBC Student Council is to represent the voice of the students, solve their problems; promote their ideas & views and interests. It is a fundamentally democratic and non-political group of individuals, with all students given equal opportunity to participate. Its role includes helping the College serve its students as effectively as possible, whilst at the same time, making students aware of broader issues and playing an essential role in establishing links with the community.

The Student Council service is free, independent, impartial, and confidential, offering advice, guidance and representation to all Oxford Business College students. Our team is hand in hand to assist you with a range of issues and advise and represent you on Oxford Business College academic policies – appeals, exceptional circumstances, academic misconduct and complaints. We can also support you with housing matters (such as contract checking and helping you understand the right to rent checks).

The objectives of the student council are to:

  • Represent and promote the general interests of students at the College and contribute to a positive student experience.
  • Provide a forum for bringing together staff and students from different areas of the College.
  • Provide a recognised means of, and forum for, communication between students and the management of the College.
  • Promote equal opportunity amongst students and challenge all forms of discrimination, whether based on sex, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, religion, cultural background or another such status.
  • Act as a body with which College management can consult to get student opinion and involvement.
  • Consider cross College issues, including the College environment, health & safety, safeguarding, health and wellbeing and enjoying and achieving.
  • Provide advocacy a  and support service for all students.
  • Be solution and action-focused.
  • Suggest improvements to the College environment for the benefit of all the College’s students.
  • Identify and share areas of good practice within the College.
  • Plan and promote activities that bring Oxford Business College’s student community together.
  • Promote Prevent Strategy and follow the channel process within the College.
  • Representation on all College Boards and Committees except the Assessment Board.

Maintaining a Student Council

Oxford Business College Student Council is already established, but the members of the council change from time to time.

Students Representatives

most commonly called Student Reps – democratically elected by their class fellows, represent student voices at the college, and their primary role is to collate, listen and communicate the
concerns of other students to OBC staff members. Student Reps are also given opportunities to attend management and committee meetings, such as; the Senior Management Meeting (SMT), Academic Quality and Enhancement Committee, Academic Board, and, Board of Governance(BOG). This unique system, ensures that students can have their voices heard throughout the College.


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