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The ‘Institute for Neuromarketing’ is the only institute in Croatia and the Eastern Part of Europe, specializing in scientific and development research in Neuromarketing and Consumer Neuroscience. The institute’s key objective is to help companies/institutions better understand their customers’ needs by applying Neuroscientific Technology and expertise in marketing knowledge.

Moreover, with day-to-day Neuromarketing applications within the marketing mix (7Ps), especially at the promotion level, the companies determine what the customers honestly think about their brands’ quality and designs, products prices, and packaging. In addition to its marketing applications, the other objective is to establish a valuable scientific infrastructure that would be of interest to the entire system of scientific activity and higher education in the area of Marketing and Neuromarketing. Due to that reason, the ‘Institute for Neuromarketing’ (Croatia) and the ‘Oxford Business College’ (UK) has partnered this year (2021) to together design and develop new models in science and to the joint pursuit of education, learning and research. Through this cooperation, both the institutions will work together on various research projects, exchange staff’s expertise and skills, and joint academic programmes under the umbrella of the Business Research And Innovation (BRAIN) and Centre of Applied Research and Entrepreneurship at OBC.

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Mature Undergraduate Student’s Satisfaction with online teaching during the Covid-19

Fayyaz Qureshi, Sarwar Khawaja, Tayyaba Zia

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