Open For February Intake

We have (temporarily) moved all Teaching, Learning and Student Support online because, although many things have changed in the UK in recent times, our priorities have not!
We are still resolutely dedicated to:

  • Ensuring the welfare of our staff and students
  • Ensuring continuity and access to learning

In an effective response to Covid-19, Oxford Business College (OBC) has temporarily, but successfully, moved all classes online. The transition has happened in consultation with our partners and awarding bodies of each respective course. This efficient transition has allowed our students to continue their studies with minimal disruption and has helped OBC maintain the highest of standards for its students. OBC Online is using the latest technology to give you, the student, everything you need to complete your course!

If you have internet access then you will be able to take advantage of our high quality education whenever and wherever you want. Use this time productively!

With face-to-face online classes, embedded content and an online ‘front desk’ you will not only have access to a diverse range of materials such as online videos, discussion forums, and eBooks but to all the staff support you need.
How does OBC Online work?

It’s simple and easy to use! We have already made the transition to using 100% online resources and student support. Please continue reading below for more details.

The academic team will determine the format for each individual course and will select delivery methods that are best suited to all our courses.

Click ‘Apply Online’ to take you online enrolment form.

What if I am starting (or would like to start) in February?

Our admissions processes have also moved online and we continue to enrol students with our university partners. We do guided online enrolments, online testing and an online viva voce (a face-to-face academic and language interview, which will include asking questions to verify the authenticity of the online test). So for anyone who had planned, or is planning, to start their course this February, you are certainly able to continue the application process.

Help, I'm not great with Technology?

Please do not be concerned about the lack of face-to-face help; by using technology like video calling and the more traditional methods of phone and email, we are always here to support you in everything you need. Please find their contact numbers and email on the right of this page

What about my classmates?

Again, don’t worry, you will be attending your lectures and participating in class discussions and activities-just online instead! This will be a good chance to ensure you keep in good contact with your classmates.

How can I get in touch with my Lecturer?

Of course, academic support is extremely important. Our highly competent academic team will always be available and will be able to give academic guidance and feedback at any point in the course. In fact, the Academic Coordinators and Exams Officers are available to support you with any academic queries and assignment tutorials and academic support at any time. Please find their contact numbers and email id on the page.

What about the Course Timetable and Flexible Learning?

From Monday 23rd March for all existing students, and for those students starting in February, until the lockdown eases the classes will take place as timetabled live lectures and discussions, but will be delivered through OBC Online using easy to use collaborative software’s through a mix of lectures, individual and group activities, and independent learning.

Although you will have a number of interactive sessions scheduled, you can choose to access your course information and complete your assignments at any time. This allows you to fit study time in around your work, family and other commitments! Furthermore, we have recorded webinars which you can access online at the comfort of your home, whenever you want, in case you missed our live online sessions. Such webinars can be viewed multiple times to get the most out of your lecturers and enhance your knowledge and understanding of the modules

What courses do OBS Online Services offer?

When studying online, at OBC Online, you will encounter courses like:

  • English Language programs
  • OBC Foundation programs
  • Degree programs run in partnership with Buckinghamshire New University and University of Creative Arts
  • Edexcel Programs

What about attendance, is it necessary and how will it be monitored?

Attendance is vital. Poor attendance hinders your learning but also disrupts both the lecturer and other students. On the other hand, good attendance will enable to progress both socially and academically. Please understand that your attendance carries the same level of importance when engaging in online learning. OBC Online will monitor attendance and engagement as normal and the regulations covering this remain in place. It will be taken during online lessons and enhanced by data around your engagement with the student management system software. Please contact Michaela on

How will I be assessed?

Please see the student handbook and course handbook for information about assessment.

What about Student Support 

Our dedicated academic support staff are available to contact whenever you are in need. Please find details below:

For Buckinghamshire New University courses

  • BA (hons) Business Management with Foundation year
  • BA (Hons) Business Management – Three Year Program
  • BA (Hons) Business Management – Top up

Please contact the following academic support staff

Irshad Jamaldeen - Course Coordinator -
Hamim - Course Coordinator & Exams Officer -
Alia Fardous - Academic Administrator -

For Edexcel and the University of Creative Arts programme, please contact the following academic support staff

Irshad Jamaldeen - Course Coordinator -
Murray Cooper – Head of Academics -

I’m still a little confused?

At Oxford Business College we are focused on providing the same level of support through this temporary ‘virtual’ period of online learning. We are sure that you will receive nothing less than the same levels of support that you would receive if you were at the college in person.

However, we do understand that Online Learning February be a completely new experience for you. Therefore, feel free to make an appointment to speak with one of our recruitment and admissions team (details) and learn how to make the most of the vast array of digital resources available to you!

I have friends who want to apply and join the February 2020 intake- How can you help them out?

We are offering students to make an application online through our online portal where they an upload all their documents. Our admission support staff will guide them using audio and video online collaborative tools to help those students to make application online. We also arrange online interviews with our English teachers for the applicants and for those who are successful our student finance counsellor will again using online software via video or audio facility guide them to make UCAS and Student finance applications.

UK and EU Admissions


Student Finance and UCAS Applications


International Admissions

Dr Gupta –
Zarina –

English Language Programs

Luke Murgatroyd –
Neil Anderson –

Apply for February Intake

Academic Support Staff

Irshad Jamaldeen
Course Coordinator

Course Coordinator & Exams Officer

Alia Fardous
Academic Administrator

Our Welfare and Student Support Staff