Evening classes - online(until government says we can return to classes)

Start for next term/course 25th February (for 6 weeks) - Start ANY Tuesday

  • Please click this link to do a level test so we can put you in the correct class.
  • Please click this link to complete the enrolment form.

After you have done the test, you will receive a mail from Luke or Neil 1.

Promotions for A1, A2 and B1 students:

Each 'Term' runs for 6 weeks and a course will usually run for 30 weeks in total. If your English skills are a little lower (A1-B1) then we would be proud to offer you a place on our 'Access to English' programme which is paid for by a benefactor of Oxford Business College 2.

Attending these face-to-face online lessons will also give you access to our OBC online platform: giving you a great variety of English language self-study materials - at your level.


Evening English Classes
Class are on Tuesday and Thursday from 6.30pm to 8pm

We start on the 6th January 2020.
Each term is 6 weeks!
*There is one week of revision in
December - after the teachers' week
Teacher's weeks in 2020 (no classes).
18th & 20th February
7th &9th April
26th & 28 May
14th &16th July
1st & 22nd October
8th & 10th December
Language Club, opportunity to practice speaking
English, takes place every Tuesday at 6.00pm. You don't need to
book - just come to the Common Room.


3 We will need (from you) before your first lesson:

  • A level test result, so we put you in the correct class
  • Completed enrolment form (we will use the mail to send you the test)
  • An ID (passport is preferable)
  • Proof of address (bank statement, driving licence if UK licence, utility bill ...)

When you are settled in your class we do expect you to buy the course book; OBC will rebuy the book from you (at £ 15) after your course if they're in good condition a NO PEN, no torn pages and any pencil entries erased. This will be good both for the online classes and better when you return to the classroom

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Thank you

1 This mail will be some information about how to join the Online 'Zoom' classes.

2 Free and online courses are not accredited by the British Council.

3 We will try to arrange an online interview