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Evening classes – online (until the government says we can return to classes)

Start for next term/course 25th February (for 6 weeks) – Start ANY Tuesday

  • Please click this link to do a level test so we can put you in the correct class.
  • Please click this link to complete the enrolment form.

After you have done the test, you will receive an email from Luke or Neil 1.

Promotions for A1, A2 and B1 students:

Each ‘Term’ runs for 6 weeks and a course will usually run for 30 weeks in total. If your English skills are a little lower (A1-B1) then we would be proud to offer you a place on our ‘Access to English‘ programme which is paid for by a benefactor of Oxford Business College 2.

Attending these face-to-face online lessons will also give you access to our OBC online platform: giving you a great variety of English language self-study materials – at your level.


Evening English Classes
Class are on Tuesday and Thursday from 6.30pm to 8pm

We start on the 6th January 2021.
Each term is 6 weeks!
*There is one week of revision in
December – after the teachers’ week
Teacher’s weeks in 2021 (no classes).
18th & 20th February
7th &9th April
26th & 28 May
14th &16th July
1st & 22nd October
8th & 10th December
Language Club, opportunity to practice speaking
English, takes place every Tuesday at 6.00pm. You don’t need to
book – just come to the Common Room.


We will need the following documents (from you) before your first lesson 3 :

  • A level test result, so we put you in the correct class
  • Completed enrolment form (we will use the mail to send you the test)
  • An ID (passport is preferable)
  • Proof of address (bank statement, driving licence if UK licence, utility bill …)

When you are settled in your class we do expect you to buy the course book; OBC will rebuy the book from you (at £ 15) after your course if they’re in good condition a NO PEN, no torn pages and any pencil entries erased. This will be good both for the online classes and better when you return to the classroom


Thank you

1 This email will provide some information about how to join the Online ‘Zoom’ classes.

2 Free and online courses are not accredited by the British Council.

3 We will try to arrange an online interview.