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Another feather in the cap!

Oxford Business College has achieved the Matrix Quality Standard

After winning the prestigious bronze award in the category o Student Support at the 2021 Whatuni  Student Choice Awards, in recognition of meritorious service for student support, we are proud to inform you that OBC has also achieved the ‘Matrix Quality Standard’ for information, advice, and guidance services.

The Matrix Standard is a quality standard for organisations seeking to assess and measure their information, advice, and guidance services (IAG) in a learning or work setting. It ultimately supports individuals regarding career, learning, work, and life goals by helping associated services to provide the best support.

During the assessment, twenty-five staff, twelve students and one external stakeholder were interviewed by an external assessor to gather evidence during the assessment process.

What do our students think about the services provided by OBC?

Student 1:

“The student academic support sessions we have that look at things from pragmatic perspectives, like problem-solving and decision-making are really useful, and you can see how the things we learn can be used in many different situations in our life”.

Student 2:

“I’ve grown a lot in confidence. I’ve been able to take on new challenges at work as I’ve been able to solve problems better and find solutions, and that’s helped me to progress in my company.”

Student 3:

“We suggested that we use smaller break-out rooms so that we can feel more comfortable when we voice our opinions, and they put this in place quite quickly. That’s helped a lot!”.

Student 4:

“We received loads of useful information about studying at the college when we first started, and we did not have problems due to this”.

Student 5:

“The induction we had was really great, and we received all the information we needed. I felt I knew all I would ever need to know about studying at the college, and we were issued with a student handbook for reference later, should we need it”.

Student 6:

“The induction was useful, and we had talks from people from different departments about things like counselling and support we can receive if we need it”.

Student 7:

“You never feel that they are pressuring you into a certain way of thinking, they leave the final choice up to you”.

Student 8:

“I had a good talk with my adviser about what my choices were when I first started, and I’m happy that what I ended up with is just what I needed – my choice in the end”.