Our staff and students have worked on a number of innovative campaigns to support international charities including:

  • Oxfam and the Bangladesh Fresh Water Project, which focuses on protecting the water supplies, hygiene and livelihoods of communities living in coastal areas prone to flooding and at risk of contamination by sea water.
  • The British Asian Trust (a Prince of Wale’s charity) which endeavours to reduce poverty and disadvantage for communities in South Asia. This includes the fight against child slavery and trafficking, and the promotion of mental health awareness.
  • CareTech Foundation, a Foundation which delivers meaningful impact to communities in the UK and overseas by supporting and championing the social care sector, care workers and those living in care. In 2019 the charity reached more than 41,000 people through awareness raising and community mental health services.
  • The College hosts an eminent international author from India to promote conversations, interaction and discussions on literature from all countries. This has further been promoted via partnerships with the Prabha Khaitan Foundation and the British Council to host events focussed on culture, art and literature. The Prabha Khaitan Foundation’s, The Write Circle, hosted at the College on a number of occasions, aims to encourage gender equality, women’s empowerment and livelihood. Through its programmes, it endorses the importance of humanitarian and global issues and works towards the realization of the fundamental needs of an individual.