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How can I get promoted at work?

How can I get promoted at work?

How can I get promoted at work?

Benjamin Franklin once said that “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. The same logic applies when you’re looking to take that next step at work. Investing in knowledge through a business degree can help you to progress, both in life and in your career. A key mission of Oxford Business College (OBC) is to empower students with the knowledge, skills and motivation to succeed at work. If you have your sights set on a promotion, the College’s business degrees can help you accomplish your goals. Here are five reasons why.

1) Show your motivation

Employers value motivated employees. Going beyond the job description and showing a passion for personal development demonstrates your commitment to the company and to your career. When your boss is deciding who gets that elusive promotion, a business degree is the evidence you need to prove that you’ve earned the chance.

2) Fill your company’s skills gap

A skill gap is where existing employees lack the skills a business needs to develop and grow. Obtaining a business degree shows your willingness to fill that need, and add value to your company. Where there’s a skill gap, make it your business to fill it – new responsibilities and new roles will increase your worth to the company, giving you an edge in that promotion discussion.

3) Prepare yourself for management

A promotion often involves extra responsibility, and in many cases will see you taking on additional administrative roles. A business degree gives you the tools to take on leadership positions by focusing on the skills you’ll need in areas such as finance, HR and business management. If you can highlight your capacity to take on a leadership role, you’ll show you can seamlessly transition into higher level jobs.

4) Gain the confidence to ask

Sometimes opportunities for promotion aren’t clear, and you’ll need to ask your boss for the extra responsibility or salary increase you’re aiming for. Having a business degree gives you the platform to confidently assert your skills, outline your potential, and tell your boss why you’re the best candidate for a more significant role.

5) Stand out from the crowd

A recent study found that Generation Z and millennial employees “have high expectations when it comes to earnings, promotions, and management opportunities”. If your colleagues are angling for the same promotion that you are, you’ll need a way to stand out, and a business degree offers a unique selling point. With increasing competition for positions, a business degree distinguishes you from other candidates in the promotion race.

Choosing the right business degree is also essential. As the oldest independent business school in Oxford, the Oxford Business College has an acclaimed expertise in delivering business courses. The College was also recently awarded Best Independent Higher Education establishment at the 2020 WhatUni? Student Choice Awards. Oxford Business College offers a range of business degrees, so if you’re looking to make your mark at work, an investment in knowledge now can help you achieve your goals.

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