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Programme Outline

This course looks will introduce the skills necessary to develop policies and utilise internal procedures necessary for the investigation of fraud, corruption and the overseeing of individual propriety. It will develop knowledge and understanding of a range of resources and approaches which underpin the requirements for due diligence and fraud prevention activity. The aim of this course is to develop peoples’ skills and competencies to undertake the management of fraud investigations in accordance with current law and regulatory requirements. It will combine technical knowledge with practical application, best practice methodology and prevention techniques.

This course is aimed at those decision-makers, managers and all members of public and private sector organisations, who require an understanding of corruption and its ramifications in the workplace. The course is also a must for members of law enforcement agencies and those directly involved within the procurement management arena, as well as project managers, contract managers, policy makers and advisors.

  • A raised awareness of the conditions which allow fraudulent practices to occur.
  • Know how to consider sources of information and their impact on case management.
  • Understand modern accounting and investigative techniques designed to seek out and quantify fraud, including an awareness of supporting forensic procedures, their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Understand how IT assisted techniques can be used to assess and analyse data.
  • Recognise the impact of Human Rights legislation and its application to investigations.
  • Recognise the conditions where fraud and financial irregularities are likely to occur.
  • Recognise the impact of fraud and financial irregularity on Departmental and Commercial business and be able to effectively plan to reduce their effects.
  • Consider and implement various options for dealing with fraud and associated criminal conduct.
  • Consider and initialise asset recovery where appropriate through either the Civil or Criminal Courts systems or both if necessary.
  • Construct an anti-fraud strategy and an internal reporting plan.
  • Allocate responsibilities to key members of staff in support of the overarching investigation process.

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