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Completion can offer students 1st year entry into UK Universities

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Programme Outline

The purpose of this module is to develop an understanding of how organisational processes can be developed to benefit departmental and corporate functions. These processes will enable organisations to be more efficient and productive. By implementing these principles and concepts of transparency within their respective organisations it will contribute towards securing the trust of the public and respective stakeholders.

  • Introduce and establish standards of management practice that will curb the event of fraud and corruption
  • Develop transparency initiatives in organisations and raise awareness of its benefits
  • Understand major financial organisations
  • Combat fraud effectively by having the skills to review and update methods of investigating and reducing the effects of fraud and corruption
  • Understand the complex world of Money Laundering
  • Recognise its impact of world economy
  • Understand the significant implication of adopting IFRS standards for financial reporting
  • Align Organisational core business with the European Directives concerning Money Laundering
  • To be able to identify organisational and departmental core outputs by analysing and monitoring the process through performance indicators
  • To have an understanding of organisational fraud risk and its management
  • To be in a position to identify the scale of organisational/departmental risks through the process of fraud risk gap analysis
  • Develop procedures designed to achieve transparency and good governance
  • Know about the broader organisational and economic consequences of money laundering and money laundering control
  • Be able to identify and compare global financial institutions and methods of control and regulation
  • Consider the implications of compliance with regulations
  • Examine the impact of regulation on existing processes
  • Compare alternative approaches to organisational and wider control
  • Apply techniques in an organisational context

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