IELTS (International English Language Test System) is a measure of how well you can use the English language. It is accepted by academic and government institutions in most English speaking countries,
“Everyone was made to feel welcomed to the College, with all staff knowing who you were personally. By having small classes enabled more effective learning and you were given maximum support by tutors”


  • Programme Manager Alice Mitchell
  • Study Level Pre-intermediate (A2) to Advanced (C1)
  • Study Mode Part Time (10 hours a week), Semi Intensive (15 hours per week), Intensive (20 hours per week)
  • Course Length 2 - 44 Weeks
  • Fees £250 - £320 / per week
  • Start Date Every Monday
  • Application Route -


Pre-intremediate level and above


Each week on the course will allow you to practice different techniques and strategies that all come together to form the IELTS exam, such as:


– How to manage your time

– Techniques and strategies to answer the different types of questions

– Practise to increase your speed and accuracy.


– What to do while listening to maximise your time

– How to answer the different questions

– Practise to increase your accuracy and confidence.


– What kind of topics and questions to expect

– How to answer unexpected questions

– Practise to build your confidence and fluency


– How to understand the different types of task

– How to plan your answer

– Practise to familiarise you with the tasks and timeframes.

Mock practice tests will be run every week to build your confidence aswell as improve time management.

Additionally we have an IELTS Exam Supplementary course that allows you to improve both your general and academic English. The general English lessons cover: reading, writing, listening and speaking practice.


The IELTS preparation course that we run at Oxford Business College will teach you the essential English skills and strategies required to sit the IELTS exam with confidence. Learn how to maximise your chances to get the best result possible while regularly sitting mock tests to evaluate your current level.

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