For international students there is nowhere better to improve your business English than the Oxford Business College. Our Business English Language Preparation programme gives you the English skills you need to study in the UK, succeed in business and get the job you want.
At the end of your course we will award you a certificate of attendance.
“The diversity of students nationalities and ages provided a close community feel – an experience I would more than recommend, and certainly never forget”


  • Programme Manager Alice Mitchell
  • Study Level Elementary (A1) to Advanced (C1)
  • Study Mode Part Time (10 hours a week), Semi Intensive (15 hours per week), Intensive (20 hours per week)
  • Course Length 2 - 44 weeks
  • Fees £250 - £320 / per week
  • Start Date Every Monday
  • Application Route -


No entry requirements.

Course start dates: Any Monday


Our English course is divided into four parts:

Business language skills:

You will learn how to:

  • describe products and strategies
  • conduct meetings and negotiations
  • communicate effectively when you travel abroad.

The work in the classroom will include case studies and business role-plays to give you more confidence in an international business English situation.

IELTS preparation:

You will learn the Cambridge International English Language Testing System (IELTS) for University entrance. The four parts are Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. We use authentic IELTS materials.

You will gain confidence talking with people, talking about yourself and life and the world, and talking about how things work. We will teach you how to read quickly to understand meaning, and how to listen to English in real situations.

Speaking fluently

We will help you feel stronger about talking to teachers and students, and to work better in class. You will get better at fluency, where speaking and understanding becomes easier, with 1-to-1 and group exercises. We will help you to speak English more like English people do. You will watch and listen while different people speak English in different ways. You will also learn how to stand up and present to other people.

Reading and writing for business studies

This part of the Business English course is specifically to help you with your written college work. We look at reading texts from authentic academic and business sources, and teach you the business vocabulary you need to produce successful assignments. We will show you how to structure and produce business essays and reports for a variety of business studies topics.


Our English courses help you with the language and skills you need to be successful in all Oxford Business College courses, as well as for other further and higher education courses.

The length of time you should allow for English language preparation depends on your level and ability to learn more.

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