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College Accommodation: Four Things to Consider

College Accommodation: Four Things to Consider

When looking for the right place to study, you’ll often find that the location is just as important as the college. Where you choose to enrol will become your home for the duration of the course. 

What are the kind of things you should be looking for when thinking about life at college? There are a variety of factors to consider, and in this blog, we’ll look at four key questions to consider when selecting where to study. 

1) What is the accommodation like? 

Wherever your college is located, it’s important to consider what the accommodation is like. Think about the living arrangements, will you have your own apartment or room, or will you need to share? What amenities are close by? How close is the accommodation to the college itself? Make sure that you’ll be happy living in the available accommodation, as your happiness at home will help you in your course. 

2) What are the transport options? 

Depending on how you choose to travel, it’s a good idea to review the transport options available. If you prefer to drive, make sure your accommodation has appropriate parking provisions. If you prefer to walk, check how far you’ll need to walk to get to the nearest shops, to the college itself, and to any other important amenities. If you opt for public transport, check the provisions for buses or trains near to where you’re staying. 
One of the advantages of Oxford as a city in which to study is its accessibility. As well as having a strong local bus network, and an established intercity coach service, it’s a very cycle friendly city. Oxford also has two railway stations with links to London and Birmingham, two key transport hubs. You’ll also find easy access to major airports like Heathrow, by coach or rail. 
3) Is the city student friendly?

When thinking about where to study, it’s useful to consider how student friendly the city is. If a city is used to supporting students, you’re more likely to find the resources and services you need to help you live the college life. Oxford has a rich heritage as a city that caters for students. It offers both strong resources for educational needs, such as libraries and museums, and services to make the most of student life, such as restaurants, bars, fun activities and other ways to relax. 
4) Does the city cater for your interests?

Cities often have different vibes – some are better suited to a relaxed atmosphere; others are more active and energetic. Focus on what your interests in life are, and what day to day activities you think are important. Then, research more about the city, and look specifically at what it can offer you. 
There are a lot of other factors you need to consider when choosing where to study. The best advice is to research thoroughly, take your time, and make sure you’re happy with your decision. 

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