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Welcome To Centre For Applied Research and Entrepreneurship (CARE)

The CARE was recently established in September 2020 to provide a unique platform to Business students and academic staff of OBC. The CARE provides research methods training, a hub of research expertise and resources, high-level project supervision and an opportunity to our students to apply theoretical knowledge to the real business world.

Our academic staff members conducted significant research on hot issues such as COVID-19 Pandemic and involving small and medium-sized companies to address their problems with research; their findings inform their teaching, so students benefit from their up-to-date knowledge.

The centre also provides leading-edge solutions through research and consultancy services to both private and public organisations.

We organise research sessions, seminars, workshops, conferences and events to cater to the needs of students, researchers and the business world.

The expansion and growth of the business world depend on research. All organisations irrespective to their sizes want to find new markets, increase market share, minimise operating costs, improve the quality of their products and services, increase organisational efficiency and last but not least to satisfy their customers’ needs.
Today we live in an era of information and knowledge. It has become imperative for organisations to maintain sustainability in the competitive global market. This could only be possible if they take the full advantage of research results to solve their problems.

Research activities of educational institutions have benefited many business organisations and the economies of the developed countries. We emphasise, now it is the time for developing countries to be benefited by research. Our focus is to provide research and consultancy to public and private (business) organisations of developing countries as well.

We invite business organisations, especially from developing countries, to join us in this endeavour, and receive the benefits of working with world-class researchers and consultants at CARE.

The CARE has expertise in areas of International Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Change Management, Strategic Management, Innovation, Corporate Strategy, Human Resource Management, Knowledge Management and E-commerce. Our Business Plans and Marketing Plans are excellent, and these are now in high demand.

Being a founder of this centre, I am excited and ambitious to run this centre to produce world-class young researchers and provide leading-edge solutions through research and consultancy services to private and public organisations.

Research Director


Mature Undergraduate Student’s Satisfaction with online teaching during the Covid-19

Fayyaz Qureshi, Sarwar Khawaja, Tayyaba Zia

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