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Career Advice

The career advice help you decide about a particular industry and what are your career aspirations after graduation. The career advice also includes specific skills required for specific professions and discussion on your current set of skills.   The discussion covers five following aspects.

  1. Your ambition
  2. Your set of skills
  3. Gap analysis of skills
  4. Development of your professional plan
  5. Getting ready for a dream job

These five aspects are significant as your ambition motivates you and the rest of the aspects prepare and drive your professional success. During the career advice sessions, your preference for a particular industry and profession, your strengths, development needs are discussed in detailed culminating with a professional development plan. The career advisor helps you to evaluate your preferences, personal attributes; current skill set and matches with available options that you have been dreaming. OBC career service recommends the development of a strategic career development plan.

Cover letter and CV writing workshops

A cover letter provides your introduction and sent with your CV to market you effectively by providing detailed information about you and your suitability for the job you are applying.A curriculum vitae (most commonly known as a ‘CV’) is an overview of your skills, personal traits, qualifications and experience that establishes your suitability for a particular job vacancy.

Our career service helps you in the application process, including cover letter and CV preparation. Career service regularly organises workshops to prepare you for a job-targeted cover letter and CV. Right CV endeavours to match your skills, personal attributes and qualifications with job description and specification of a vacancy you are indented to apply.


An internship, sometimes called work placement is a short period of work experience; usually, less than a year and mostly 3 to 6 months, offered to students or fresh graduates by vast range organisations, public, private and non-profit organisations.Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) also offer internships to students but mostly are unpaid and are not always advertised.In the UK, the most common is the summer internship and offered by many organisations.

The career service also helps you to find a right internship opportunity for you.

The following companies provide internship for students

List of UK Companies with Internship Opportunities
S.NO Company

Amazon UK and EU 

These internships are project-based educational opportunities intended to allow future managers to discover how Amazon lead and develop their teams of associates. Interns will learn how Amazon managers effectively engage their teams to realize their full potential, ensure their performance in order to fulfil their customers’ expectations, encourage a safe and productive environment, and more within large and complex fulfilment centres.



Build a strong foundation for your career by working on real-world projects using our cutting-edge technologies. Make valuable connections and have lots of fun along the way!



Founded by a dozen engineers working from a converted barn in Cambridge 30 years ago, we have grown to over 7000 employees in offices across the globe and aim to power a trillion IoT devices by 2035.We hire Part-Time Undergraduates in the UK every year (traditionally known as “interns”) where you’ll get a permanent contract whilst still at university.


An internship at HSBC will give you first-hand experience of what it’s like to work for a global bank. We’re looking for the future talent of our business – people with ambition who are motivated to develop their skills in a fast-paced environment.


Bank of England 

We offer paid internships to university students in their first and penultimate year and to those about to start their postgraduate study.



Doing an internship at P&G is one of the key ways we recruit talent into P&G. Many of our senior leaders started as interns and it’s the way we build our talent pipeline of the future. We offer internships over summer ranging from 6-12 weeks as well as 6 and 12 month placements


MTM London

We run an on-going paid internship programme at MTM, based in Covent Garden. Interns typically join us for 2-4 weeks. There is the possibility of extending this internship.



A 10-week Nestlé Internship is a fantastic chance to gain hands-on experience and explore a function during the summer before your final year of university. Find out more about our different functional internships below.



Get a head start on your career with real-life work experience in one of our three placement programmes. You’ll be part of a team coming together to better our business and the world around you. For high performers on our Summer & Industrial Placement Programmes we may offer a number of fast-track opportunities to the final stage of the selection process for the Unilever Future Leaders Programme.



To get a sense of what it’s like to work here, experience it for yourself. Our internships will immerse you in our work, culture and business. You’ll learn from our people, while working on live projects and real business challenges

The following resources also provide information on Internship.


Student job

Target jobs

Rate my placement






Bright Network

Graduate Jobs

Becoming a graduate with a university degree is an exciting part of your life but the next crucial step is to find a graduate job. A common question many new graduates may ask is, “what is a graduate job?” A layman understanding of a graduate job is that job which you start after graduating, without a graduation you are not eligible for that job.

According to the Office of National Statistics and University of Warwick, a graduate job is defined as those occupations identified that “normally require knowledge and skills developed on a three-year university degree to enable them to perform the associated tasks competently”.

The following resources provide information on graduate jobs.

Jobs Graduate


Graduate Jobs

Target Jobs

Give a grad a go

Grad Jobs

Career Fairs

The Career Service strongly recommends students to attend career fairs, as these are the opportunities for both employees and employers to meet and discuss each other requirements informally.  The career fairs provide the opportunity for employers to find the best employee and vice versa.

The following resources provide information on career fairs.

The UK Careers Fair

Online Career fairs

Jobs fair

Success Story

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