Q. What if I am taking a short course (less than 6 months)?

If you are going to be taking a short course and you are not going to continue on another course, you may be able to come to the UK as a student visitor.

Q. What documents do I need to send with my visa application?

 Student Visitor Visa

If you apply for a visa, you should provide these documents with your visa application. If you are of a nationality that does not require a visa, you should bring them with you so that you can show them to UKVI officers at the border.

You should provide as many relevant documents as you can to show that you qualify for entry to the UK. If you do not provide them, UKVI may refuse your application.

You must decide which documents will best support your application. We advise you to consider providing documents that contain:

• information about you

• information about your finances and employment

• your accommodation and travel details

• information about your visit to the UK

Q. Which Visa should I apply for?

If you are an adult and you want to undertake a short course of study in the UK (such as a beginner’s English Language course or a work-related training course), you might be able to come here as a student visitor.

Student visitors are allowed to come to the UK for 6 months (or 11 months if they will be studying an English Language course). When you enter the UK, we will stamp the duration of your permission to stay in your passport. You cannot extend your stay beyond this period.

Q. What is the teaching approach?

We take an international approach to teaching business and place an emphasis on making sure you have the skills that employers are looking for. Most of our modules are completely assignment based, and enhance our vocational teaching philosophy rather than focus on theory tested by examinations.

Q. Which University can I apply for after I complete my studies with Oxford Business College?

Search our Degree Course Finder for information on all progression pathways, entry points and entry criteria for the partner universities of Edexcel, and see where your Pearson qualification can take you!

Q. Can I go to University after my studies at Oxford Business College?

Oxford Business College Foundation programme is accepted by a number of UK Universities to the 1st year.With HNC/D courses you can go to University to the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year.You will receive full support from the academic department if you require help to apply to go to University.

Q. Can I still apply for a course at OBC if I didn’t get the required grade in my English Language test?

All students must have the UKVI SELT test at the level specified by the UKVI as appropriate to their course. If a student fails to obtain the minimum English proficiency level as per the UKVI guidelines they can enrol on our Business English Language course on a student visitor visa.

Q. Can I get the fee refunded if I change my mind after getting the visa?

If the student changes his mind after issuance of visa to the UK he/she will not get a full fee refund.

Q. Will I get the fee refund if I do not get the visa?

Full tuition fee will be refunded to the students if they do not get the visas. Please note that registration fees of £250 will be deducted from the fees paid by the student. Please see the full refund policy in terms and condition document. The college will require the original visa refusal letter and an application from the student. Normally the fee is refunded within six weeks after getting the refusal letter and the application from the student.

Q. Where will I get the diploma / certificates?

The college organises its own graduation ceremonies and the students will be awarded the certificates at the function.

Q. How does the college help in getting the accommodation in Oxford?

The College Accommodation Officer is responsible for assistance in arranging accommodation for students. We have purpose-built student accommodation in Oxford city centre. View our student accommodation page for more information.

Q. How many hours of the week do we study at the college?

The teaching hours at the college are 15- 20 hours per week. Some students may need to spend more time. It depends on their academic requirements.

Q. What documents do you need to apply?

Students will need to complete and provide:

1. An online application form

2. Passport copy

3. Academic transcripts

4. UKVI English proficiency test

5. CV (if required as an entry point)

6. Academic reference

Q. How do you apply for a course?

 Please fill out one of our online Application Forms and a member of our admissions team will be in contact.