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Completion can offer students 1st year entry into UK Universities

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Because transparency is a necessary factor to promote and continuity in any organisation, this course will be of benefit to professionals in a variety of capacities. This includes managers who oversee the administrative processes in their organisations, project managers, officers responsible for the management of contracts and procurement, policy-makers and advisors. This course will also be of interest to financial investigators and members of law enforcement agencies and those involved in compliance, due diligence and prevention activity.

  • Introduce and establish standards of management practice that will curb the event of fraud and corruption
  • Develop transparency initiatives in your organisation and raise awareness of its benefits
  • Combat fraud effectively by having the skills to review and update methods of investigating and reducing the effects of fraud and corruption
  • Understand the complex world of money laundering
  • Recognise the impact of money laundering on the world economy
  • Understand the significant implications of adopting IFRS standards for financial reporting
  • Identify Organisational/Departmental core outputs by analysing and monitoring the process through performance indicators
  • Understand organisational fraud risk and how to monitor and manage it
  • Identify the scale of Organisational/Departmental risks through the process of fraud risk gap analysis


This MSc degree is offered by Oxford Business College, Executive Education Centre of Excellence in partnership with Nottingham Trent University through

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This course will be suitable for internal and external auditors, forensic accountants, financial investigators, members of the police service and other law enforcement agencies.

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