Oana Teodorescu

“If it werent for this amazing college, as a single parent, I wouldn’t be able to one day proide the best for my familly. If you are looking for a loving staff that will back you up no matter what you do, OBC is the best place to be”

Nathaniel Williams

“I would recommend OBC to anyone taking, or considering taking, a gap year before university to diversify their experience in business. OBC’s professional working environment, warm atmosphere, open culture and individualised support focus contribute to a positive, performance-driven learning experience. The staff are friendly; and the tutors’ wide-ranging industrial experience compliments taught theory in smaller group settings.”

Joseph Summers

“OBC has been a welcoming and supportive college, with great staff and students. I would recommend studying here to anyone interested in business.”

Julian Balla

“It is good opportunity to finish earlier than the rest of students that are doing a normal 3 year degree at university. It also took me less time away from work rather than stop working for 3 years. It is a nice environment to study with highly experienced tutors and very friendly staff.

I would recommend OBC to everybody who’d like to save time and fees.”

Rosie Clare Hakes

“Small classes and tutors with industry experience make this learning unrivalled by most university business courses. The diversity of students` nationalities and ages provided a close community feel – an experience I would more than recommend, and certainly never forget.”

Ryan Evans

I decided to enrol on the Oxford Business College HNC/HND for a number of reasons. Firstly, the course allows me to have a university degree within 2 years rather than the normal 3. There are also 4 intakes per year, which meant that I could start the course in April. From a financial point of view, the course was also a very good option.

“I really like the professional but friendly atmosphere and open culture at the college. The quality of the tutors is exceptional -they incorporate their many years of management experience into the teaching and this is much more useful than just learning from textbooks.

After my HND, I’ll move onto the top-up degree and then I plan to become a trainee manager for a relatively large organization. I’ve had a few informal offers already so I’m quite optimistic about the future.”

Chris Cooke

“The Oxford Business College was perfect as it allowed me to fast track myself into the 3rd year of my BA Degree. Complemented by its friendly and sociable staff members along with a very welcoming and family orientated environment I would recommend OBC to anyone looking to save time and money.”

Anthony Lawson

“Studying at OBC has been a good experience, the environment is welcoming and being here was enjoyable. The standard of teaching is very good as we were taught by experienced individuals who had knowledge of the modules and were also specialists in their fields. This gave me the assurance that I would gain the knowledge I needed to help with my career in the future. Being here enabled me to enhance my skills of learning and socialising, the staff has also been very helpful and professional. This course has given me the opportunity to complete my degree within two years and this has been very beneficial to me. I would highly recommend this college to others wanting to finish their degree quickly.”