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$1bn firm created by sending hand-written letters

$1bn firm created by sending hand-written letters


Oxford Business College would like to introduce various business leaders from around the world. This week we will speak about the co-founder of Celonis a German technology company.

Rinke’s company, Celonis, works on process mining, a technology that improves the efficiency of big data analytics. It allows companies to visualise in real time and from beginning to end their processes. Companies that have adopted this tech include Bayer, BMW and SIEMENS. Mr Rinke has appeared on the Forbes “Under 30 European list” in 2016.

Before this small start-up attracted the attention of some of the world’s biggest companies Rinke came up with the idea of sending hand=written letters while at university. He states: “We knew if we sent an email it could just be deleted and if we sent out typed letters then their secretaries would open them and bin them as a junk mail, but with a hand written note, it seems more personal, it could have been a letter from a family member or a friend.”

Alexandre and his two colleagues, Martin Klenk and Bastian Nominacher, started Celonis in 2011. He was just 22 years old and had graduated with math’s and computer science degrees at the Technical University of Munich.

All three were confident that their software could provide solutions to business, but they just needed to get noticed. Therefore, he started handwriting the letters, with great results as they lead him to meet senior managers, directors and CEO’s of some of the largest companies in Europe.

Currently, Celonis has a value of over $1bn (£780) and employs more than 400 staff. Some of their customers are Vodafone, Siemens, General Motors, Exxon-Mobile, BMW, L’Oréal and Uber.

Alexnadre is now considering how to write in Japanese, as the company is looking to expand in this area. “Japan is such an interesting market for us, but we are also looking to expand in the markets we are already in.”

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